Heavy Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning


We use Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) this is the only method that effectively cleans carpets and upholstery, others methods won’t even come close, that’s why it’s the number one manufacturer recommended method to use.

The unit is the latest in carpet cleaning technology, it stays in the vehicle along with the fresh water tank and waste tank, the unit produces the solution, heat, pressure and vacuum needed for the cleaning operation, dirty water is vacuumed back into the waste tank on the vehicle, all noise and heavy equipment remains outside, only our vacuum/solution hoses and cleaning tool enter your home/premises, this means less disruption for our customers.


Our machine gets carpet and upholstery much cleaner and drier than any small portable cleaner can ever hope to achieve. The results are spectacular and are achieved quickly with the minimum of disruption to our clients.

More power means more dirt and grime can be removed without ‘loading’ the carpet with chemical after chemical, the machines power does most of the work, also more water is recovered by the huge vacuum volume therefore drying times are reduced to about a hour, compared to electric portable machines.