Most modern homes are much cleaner than they were years ago. However, there are still instances where pests have caused havoc in people’s household. Although the fleas that live on rats, and brought the Black Death, there are others that cause different problems.  For those affected, it can be both a frightening and upsetting experience. It can also affect the people and animals that live there. These are some of the issues you can experience when faced with a flea infestation.

What Types of Flea Are There?

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There are five types of flea, although only three are common to pets and humans. Rat fleas are rarely found now, therefore they don’t usually cause a problem nowadays. The human flea likes to inhabit humans and pigs. Dog fleas like to inhabit dogs, and cat fleas like cats, but are also found in humans and dogs. There are also two types of rat flea including the Oriental rat flea and the Northern rat flea. Both these types are not common in towns and cities, unlike the cat and dog fleas.

Symptoms of a Flea Bite

Fleas will usually probe the skin before they take any blood, so after 30 minutes, you might see little lines or clusters or itchy red marks appear. On those people that are sensitive to flea bites, they may find raised bumps that appear within 24 hours of being bitten. The length of time that the bumps remain depends on the sensitivity of the individual. Typically, they will disappear within a couple of hours, however, if there is a severe reaction, it can take significantly longer.

Parasites That Are Carried by Fleas

One of the most common parasites that are carried by fleas is a tapeworm. Cat fleas carry the double pore dog tapeworm, although it usually infects cats and dogs, it can also infect children if they happen to swallow a cat flea. After it is ingested, it hatches out of the flea and develops in the intestines of the child. Although there is no serious disease, it is important that the help of physician is sought to treat the tapeworm. In most cases, there are no obvious symptoms until the appearance of a proglottid in the child’s bowel movement. It is an undulating white creature about the size of a pumpkin seed.

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How Can You Rid Your Home of an Infestation?

There are insecticides that you can buy from your local store, however, if you have a big infestation, this might not be enough. In those circumstances, you will need to bring in professional help such as Natura Pest Control exterminator. They can go into the house and perform a total extermination for you. It will ensure that the problem won’t return, though you will also need to treat your cats and dogs.

Having a pest infestation is not a nice thing, however, if you employ the right people, there should be no further issues in the future.