Unfortunately, things don’t last forever, and carpets are no exception to this rule. Damage to the area of ​​the carpet in the form of a through hole from a cut or tear, abrasion, as well as old stains are not uncommon. And then we will look at messages from our users dedicated to this problem.

Burned carpet restoration

Hello! We did not have time to rejoice at the purchase of the most wonderful vintage carpet , when a misfortune happened – during a feast, a coal from a hookah fell on our handsome man and burned a hole in him … It is small, even more noticeable in the photo than live, but I would like to know how the repair in this case.

Your rug is made of wool, and like linen, cotton or silk, it suffers greatly from high temperatures. Unfortunately, only a specialist can restore such damage. Most likely, he will cut out the charred area and apply a patch with woven nap, similar in color and texture to the original.

What to do with discolored areas?

It just so happened that our beloved silk and wool carpet fell victim to a spilled “Sprite”, and now there is a large discolored area on it. The scale of the disaster can be judged by the photo. I understand that he cannot be helped at home, but I would like to know if there is any hope for restoration at all?

There is always hope if you can find an experienced craftsman. As you rightly noted, you cannot solve the problem at home, so look for a restoration service that will undertake the restoration of discolored pile by painting or complete replacement.

Is this a similar situation with a less expensive carpet and the discolored spot is small? At home, a temporary solution can be self-tinting with felt-tip pens or paints. Naturally, in this case, from time to time you will have to update the color of the pile, but you can do without third-party restoration services.

Repair of carpets with cuts and tears

The frieze carpet ordered from your store came perfectly packed, but when unpacking it we accidentally cut it … Can I sew it up on my own or will I have to send it for repair? Just in case, I am sending you a photo.

Your photo shows that the cut is neat and runs parallel to the base line, if the pile has fallen out, it is insignificant. You can try to do the repair yourself. To do this, connect and sew the edges from the wrong side with a thick thread (in your case, white is preferable), alternating the length of the stitches (from 2 to 3 cm). Then glue the resulting seam with a piece of thick fabric so that the flap is slightly larger than the sewn cut. You can glue the fabric using double-sided tape or shoe glue.

But not always so lucky with a cut that it goes clearly parallel to the warp or weft line. In the case when the cut is multidirectional or crosses the threads diagonally, it is better to seek professional carpet repair Sydney services.

During unsuccessful transportation, a rupture appeared on the carpet-mat . Is it possible to repair such damage yourself?

Unfortunately, you did not send a photo of the gap, so you cannot judge its complexity. But taking into account the specifics of a lint-free carpet, we advise you to apply for a professional restoration, since any mistake will be very clearly visible.

Restoration of leaky carpets

We knew, of course, that moths are the enemy of woolen carpets, but we didn’t think it would touch us … Tell me what to do with our favorite carpet? For a couple of months I stood in the closet rolled into a roll, and when they unrolled it, they gasped. It was eaten away by moths … For clarity, I am sending you a photo – in some places on the carpet there are practically through holes.

With regret we have to state that the carpet looks very damaged in the photo. Restoration at home is excluded, perhaps there are craftsmen in your city who will take on the repair of the product. But in this case, their services, most likely, will cost you the amount for which you can buy a new carpet, because the damaged pile will have to be almost completely replaced. And even if there were one or two holes on the carpet, a patch had to be applied to repair it, followed by restoration of the pile, and it is quite difficult to do this on our own.

As a result, it should be said that if you have the opportunity to contact a specialist in the restoration of carpets, it is better to do this regardless of the complexity of the problem. Even if it is a very small cut or a couple of discolored tufts of pile, you can be sure that the coating will look as close to the original as possible. And only when you do not have the opportunity to contact the master or you are sure that you will not harm the coating, you should try to restore the damaged carpet yourself.