If you are flooded by chance would have it, the carpet is very wet, or you accidentally spilled liquid on the carpet, do not despair – you do not need to use the dry cleaner. We will tell you how can dry the carpet at home.

Of course, if the carpeting gets wet, it is very important to take action quickly and dry the rug. Because with prolonged exposure to water:

  • carpet colours may fade
  • fungus and bacteria grow quickly in a damp carpet
  • glue-based carpets are damaged
  • dirt on the surface of the carpet is quickly absorbed and difficult to clean.

Method to dry your carpet

So, if the question is how to dry the carpet, we offer the following methods:

1.Dry cleaning:

Yes, this is an ideal option, for expensive carpets, you cannot do without it, but in other cases, this option is unjustifiably expensive and not suitable for everyone, especially if you live outside the city.

2. Use cotton cloth:

If the liquid is spilled on a specific area of ​​the carpet, blot the area with a dry towel or cotton cloth. It is important not to rub the carpet, but to blot it until the maximum amount of water is gone. With this method, the carpet will not completely dry out immediately, it will be necessary to wait until the remaining moisture evaporates.

3.Remove Furniture:

If water is spilled on the edge of the carpet, it is advisable to raise this area and put it on a chair or other surface with a height of 20 cm. This step will provide free air circulation to dry both the outer part of the carpet and the base, and also prevent the process of deformation.

4.Use Vacuum Cleaner:

If you have a vacuum cleaner with a suction mode for liquids, you can replace the towels with it and collect the water from the carpet with such a vacuum cleaner.

5. Heating:

Heat-emitting household appliances can also be used to dry carpets. For example, hairdryers, heaters, fan heaters. Unfortunately, with a large area of ​​wetting, drying the carpet with household appliances takes a lot of time, but this option is quite budgetary. But do not forget that you cannot bring the carpet close to the hot air, because you can damage the carpet.

6.Let Dry in Air:

In addition, there are special household appliances that are designed to dehumidify air and surfaces in rooms – these are air dehumidifiers. With them, you can not be afraid that the hot air will damage the pile of the carpet or the base of the carpet will remain under dried.

If there is an acute question of how to dry a carpet or carpet at home, be sure to pay attention to a household dehumidifier.

The principle of carpet drying with a dehumidifier is as follows: the water from the carpet is faded into the air. The intensity of this drying depends on the moisture content and air temperature: the more moisture in the air and the higher its temperature, the more intensive the process of dehumidification is. The dehumidifier drives humid air through itself, extracts moisture, and returns it to the room dry.

With a dehumidifier, the carpet can be dried in a few hours! Also, this equipment can set various modes of drying, the level of the final humidity, etc. The best part about this method of carpet drying is that you can use a household air dryer in the future to maintain a healthy microclimate, dry the laundry after washing, and even eliminate fungus in the bathroom. More on the benefits of a dehumidifier at home.

When drying carpets, experts recommend using dehumidifiers that will be matched in power to the area and other parameters of your room, and not for the situation of wetting carpets. After all, any dehumidifier can dry your carpet, but using it in the future is a rational decision. But at the same time, the following models are perfect for drying carpets:

What not to do

Do not forget that a carpet in a wet state is a rather capricious material, so it is important to know what is not recommended in this case:

  • do not walk on a wet carpet, because the pile may fall and it will be impossible to arrange it.
  • do not dry the carpet in direct sunlight – only in the shade or under a cover.
  • a wet carpet must not be dried on ropes or crossbars, otherwise, the carpet base will stretch and be damaged.
  • be sure to remove heavy objects and furniture from a wet carpet. If this is not done, the carpet will remain deformed forever.

As you can see, drying carpets at home is not an easy thing, it is important to follow the basic rules of drying and choose the appropriate method specifically for your case.

The simplest way to immediately dry carpets you can call the damaged carpet experts.