End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

So, it is all said and done and soon you will be moving in to your new place. So, everything is sorted?

Possibly, there is still the matter of the end of lease cleaning Melbourne you to deal with. What does it mean, exactly? And why do you need it?

What is end of lease cleaning?

This basically involves an intensive, detailed cleaning of your rented space before your lease gets over. This is essential in order to get most, if not all of your bond back. This bond usually amounts to rent of a full month, so it is actually worth the effort. Apart from that, this deep clean is generally required by your landlord and mentioned in your tenancy agreement. If you don’t respect this agreement, then the price of the cleaning will be deducted by your landlord from your bond.

Who should do it?

Some people choose to do end of lease cleaning Melbourne themselves instead of hiring professional cleaners, but this can be risky for many reasons:

If is not like a typical, everyday cleaning job. Don’t make a mistake by thinking it to be simple and easy. In this case, you will be dealing with things and areas of the house that may never have been cleaned all the years you have lived there. And there is actually a very detailed checklist that needs to be followed in order to make your home absolutely spotless.

As it is lot more thorough than the typical cleaning task, it will take time. If you are not a professional cleaner, it will possibly take you more than a few hours; maybe even a day or two, depending on how large the area is. With all the packing and moving you have to do, it may not be a wise decision to have to spend more time cleaning up your old place.

Other than avoiding risks, hiring a professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne company has its advantages:

You will be hiring experts for this. That means they will do the work more efficiently and quickly, and you can be assured of a total, completely clean space and the best chances of getting your bond back.

Most professional cleaners give some type of guarantee. For example, if after they have done their job you still don’t get your bond back, they can come and fix the issue free of cost.

It is best to have all this done when all of your stuff have been removed from the facility.

Keep in mind, if you are not experienced in end of lease cleaning, call the professionals, such as those at Mr Tip Top Cleaning. At Mr Tip Top Cleaning we have handled many end of lease cleaning jobs and have delivered superbly spotless results to our customers. For details, give us a call now.

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